Dbaiba: We Shall Study the Agreements with Turkey and Greece According to Libya’s Interests – Al Marsad

Prime Minister of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, praised the former and current Greek leaders’ role in developing cooperation and relations between the two countries.

(Libya, 7 April 2021) – The comments were made during the joint press conference that gathered the GNU Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbaiba with the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Tripoli. During the conference, Dbaiba praised the role of former Greek Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis, father of the current Prime Minister, in developing partnership between Libya and Greece.

Dbaiba added that this distinguished partnership was drawn up in the 1970s, and hope that it is restored in accordance with the common interests of both countries. He said Libya has friendly relations with Greece, in addition to the historical dimension of bilateral relations in political, cultural, economic and humanitarian aspects.

He emphasized the efforts and need to restore diplomatic relations and revealed the valuable discussions held with Mitsotakis on the reopening of the Greek embassy in Tripoli, to provide consular services, particularly granting visas from within the country.

Dbaiba added that talks included opening airspace between the two sides, especially cooperation and exchanging experiences of the health section. He expressed his aspiration for greater cooperation between Libya and Greece in the economic field, activating all agreements in the field of energy and maritime trade and previous cooperation in the field of training, especially the naval and military.

Regarding the agreement concluded with Turkey on defining the exclusive maritime economic zone, Dbaiba pointed out the importance of any agreement contributing to the development of appropriate solutions to preserve the rights of Libyans, Greeks and Turks. He also mentioned the formation of joint committees between Libya and Greece to resume maritime boundary demarcation negotiations.

Dbaiba said, “the negotiations include defining the exclusive economic zone of both countries between Crete and Libya, in light of the efforts to build relations based on good-neighborliness and mutual respect and extend bridges of cooperation between the two banks of the Mediterranean, which we are always striving to make it a sea of peace.”

Dbaiba stated that the GNU wants fruitful relations with everyone, especially the regional and Mediterranean countries that share common interests in accordance with mutual respect, in order to guarantee Libya’s interests and sovereignty, while fulfilling its interest through agreements, as do other countries.

He concluded his statements by emphasizing that Libya will study all the concluded agreements, especially Turkish and Greek ones with Libya, according to Libyan interests and those of the two countries, then proceed to the interests of its neighbors and partners in the region or in the area in general.



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