Field Marshal Haftar: The Government of National Unity Must Support the Armed Forces – Al Marsad

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, praised the sacrifices of the martyrs of the army and the supporting forces, and urged for the healing of the wounded and the return of missing persons and detainees to their relatives.

(Libya, 7 April 2021) – In his speech at the First Forum of Officers of the Libyan National Army (LNA) held in Al-Rajma, Field Marshal Haftar stressed that the battles for dignity in Benghazi and Derna, and oil fields and ports, and west of Libya for 7 years, were honorable, and fought by  pure and rare blood.

Photos | The First Forum of Officers of the Libyan Armed Forces is Convened at Al-Rajma

The LNA chief said that the military doctrine and duty towards the homeland is the best proof that God stands behind the armed forces in all battles, until terrorism is eradicated and the way blocked for agents and spoilers, for the sake of the Libyan people and nation. He said the battle for honor and dignity will not end until Libya regains its prestige.

Moreover, Haftar indicated that the armed forced continues to secure the borders of the country, its military bases and regional waters. He said it was imperative for the armed forces to be constantly in a state of preparedness and fully vigilant in executing their role and mission. He reassured Libyans and all tribes east, west and south, that the army is strong, well prepared and more powerful.

He added that determination was the weapon that achieved miracles with the soldiers’ faith, sacrifices and steadfastness. Haftar emphasized that the armed forces are the safety valve for political, economic and social stability in Libya.

Moreover, Field Marshal Haftar said that regular armed forces build countries, unlike what is happening in Libya today with the proliferation of armed groups and militias without any deterrence from successive governments since 2011. He called on the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) to work vigorously for the withdrawal of all mercenaries from Libya.

The Commander-in-Chief of the LNA also called on the GNU to set up security arrangements and support the armed forces and police services to assume their tasks in supporting the country’s security and stability. He urged that the law was firmly imposed against criminals wherever they happen to be, so that security and peace can prevail throughout Libya.


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