Al-Farsi: Muslim Brotherhood Wants to Keep Foreign Forces for its Own Protection – Al Marsad

Libyan political scientist Dr Youssef al-Farsi commented that the Government of National Unity (GNU) needs support because its policies thus far have have been weak.

(LIBYA, 8 APRIL 2021) – Dr Youssef al-Farsi said the GNU was unable to manage internal crises in the country, and therefore it was imperative for it to request Arab support to help deal with the challenges at hand.

He indicated that the most prominent challenges facing the Libyan government are to support stability, security, and to dismantle the armed militias, and to create the appropriate conditions to hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections in December this year.

He said it was the task of the GNU to lead Libya to safety by removing the mercenaries from the country. He stressed that there was major confusion in the work of the GNU and the Presidential Council.

Dr Farsi criticized voices who called for the postponement of the removal of mercenaries, which he said would undermine the stability and security process of the country. He emphasized that it was the Muslim Brotherhood’s desire to keep mercenaries and foreign forces because it considers them its safety valve, referring to moves by the organization to thwart the military and political tracks in Libya.