Bugaighis: Some Members of the Legal Committee Insist on Indirect Presidential Elections – Al Marsad

Member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF)’s Legal Committee, Amal Bugaighis, said that the majority in the legal committee called for the direct presidential elections.

(LIBYA, 10 APRIL 2021) – Amal Bugaighis said they decided to refer the article on the matter of the election of the President to the LPDF because the methodology of the work of the Legal Committee depends on consensus, and a conclusion could not be reached as “some colleagues insisted on their demand that there should be an indirect presidential election.”

Bugaighis stressed that there was a need to launch an opinion poll platform to know what the wishes of the Libyan public on the best mechanism for Presidential elections. She said such a poll would support the LPDF’s decision, but that it was necessary that the polls be document name, national number or card number.

She added, “People must stand up for their rights and we will stand with them.”