Zahra Langhi: We Refer the Constitutional Rule to the LPDF - Al Marsad

Member of the Legal Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Fatima Zahra Langhi, said that a constitutional rule has finally been reached on regulating the relationship between the executive and the legislative branch. 

(LIBYA, 10 APRIL 2021) – Fatima Zahra Langhi said in a statement quoted by Turkey’s Anadolu Agency that the Legal Committee “will refer the constitutional rule as it is to the LPDF, despite a slight disagreement within the committee on the presidential elections.”

She explained that the differences were over the presidential elections was whether it would be conducted directly by the people, or by the House of Representatives (HoR).

Langhi noted that once the final report on the constitutional rule is complete it will be then presented to the LPDF next week in a session that may be held virtually.


The debate within the Legal Committee does not seem to be a “slight” disagreement given the pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood who insist that the president be elected by the new elected Parliament. This move is seen by many Libyans as a shameless move to ensure Islamist influence in the next government, regardless of the right of the Libyan voters to select their own president.

That all was not well within the Legal Committee became clear when the human rights lawyer Elham Saudi announced in a post last week that she had decided to quit the committee because it had overstepped its mandate and jurisdiction.

It has been difficult to ascertain the nature of the debate because of the lack of any transparent process within the LPDF’s Legal Committee, which only deepens the distrust of the LPDF mechanism by the Libyan public. Given the disproportionate Islamist block in the LPDF—composed of a total of 75 members who were not selected by the public—the chances of the decision on the election mechanism hitting a roadback are serious.

Libyan activists have been vocal in their condemnation of attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood bloc to derail the right of the Libyan people to elect their president. Abdullah al-Gharyani, the spokesperson of the December 24 Movement, condemned Islamist intransigence, warning of a general strike and civil disobedience if the LPDF opted for selection by the Parliament rather than by the people.

December 24 Movement: LPDF’s Legal Committee Cannot Deny Libyans the Right to Elect Nation’s President

Several impromptu polls on social media indicate the overwhelming support from the Libyan public for direct presidential elections.

The head of UNSMIL, Ján Kubiš issued a strongly worded statement today supporting the call of the people for directly presidential elections. He urged Libyan authorities to stick to the deadline of 24 December.



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