Fratoianni: The Release of Al-Bija is Disturbing News – Al Marsad

Nicola Fratoianni, a member of the Chamber of Deputies and Secretary of Italian Left, said that the release of the UN-sanctioned human trafficker, Abdul Rahman Milad (al-Bija), and his promotion in Libya was “disturbing news”.

(Libya, 13 April 2021) –  The notorious  (Al-Bija), who was Captain of Zawiya’s Coastal Security Unit was released from Tripoli yesterday by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, citing procedural errors and lack of evidence. He was arrested last October on charges of human trafficking, migrant smuggling and fuel smuggling.

According to the Italian news agency AKI, Nicola Fratoianni that some “Italian journalists found themselves under police surveillance after they revealed his [al-Bija’s] smuggling and human trafficking operations.”


He described the news of his release as “disturbing” and that it cast light on a person who is responsible for torture and other criminal acts according to international authorities. Fratoianni said al-Bija still has to explain many things about its relationship to trafficking and other activities.

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