Deputy Prime Minister for Southern Region Meets with State Council Members – Al Marsad

The First Deputy Chairman of the Advisory High Council of State, Mohammed Baqi, accompanied by the members from the south, Hammad Brekaw, Muna Kokala, Masoud Obaid, Abdulmuttalib Bages and Shukri al-Mauhrabi, held a meeting on Tuesday with the Deputy Prime Minister of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) for the southern region, Ramadan Abu Janah.

(Libya, 14 April 2021) – According to the Advisory Council’s information office, the meeting was held at the headquarters of the advisory High Council of State in Tripoli. They are said to have discussed and followed up many issues related to the southern region, especially on future services and mechanisms, and the need to complete them as soon as possible to ensure the alleviation of the suffering of the people in the south.

The Council members appreciated the efforts exerted by the Deputy Prime Minister through his follow-up and field visit to find out the problems and bottlenecks faced by the southern region, and stressed the Council’s keenness on the importance of cooperation to ensure the provision of all services and the needs of people.