Aktay: Turkey Will Not Retreat from its Position in Libya – Al Marsad

Chief advisor to the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Yasin Aktay, said the agreements signed by Turkey with Fayez al-Sarraj do not harm Libya’s internal situation.

(Libya, 15 April 2021) – In statements to the Sputnik news agency, the Islamist AKP party member and advisor to Erdogan, Yasin Aktay said that Turkey will not retreat from its position in Libya because of the disturbances of some parties.

He claimed that Turkish intervention has created a stable situation in the country, and that without it the situation would be worse. The situation improved, however, due to the ceasefire implemented by the 5+5 Joint Military Committee, which curbed Turkey’s destabilizing potential. Aktay also did not make any reference to the transfer of thousands of mercenaries from Syria to Libya, including former ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters.

The Islamist advisor to Erdogan accused some parties, which he described as “players disturbed by Turkey”, of seeking to dominate the situation on their own. He said their goal was to occupy Libya, destabilize and spread chaos in the country, and extend their hegemony and regime. He said that Turkish cooperation with the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has, he alleged, created a stable situation in Libya.

He claimed that Turkey had concluded agreements with an “elected“ interim government as a result of elections held with the participation of all Libyan parties, and that no party should be disturbed by it.

On the damage caused as a result of the maritime and security border demarcation agreements concluded between Turkey and Fayez al-Sarraj to relations between Ankara and Athens, Aktay said: “The agreements may affect relations between the two sides because the proposals of Turkey and Greece are not harmonized, while they may contribute to fruitful and constructive talks between the two countries.”