Al-Kasih: GNU Agreements with Turkey Involve Libya into More Harmful Agreements than the GNA – Al Marsad

Military analyst Colonel Abdulmajeed al-Kasih said that the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) will implicate Libya in more damaging agreements than the Government of National Accord (GNA) did. The GNU is the only government in Libya now, therefore any agreement it signs could potentially have a detrimental effect on Libya’s future.

(Libya, 15 April 2021) – In a statement to Erm News on Tuesday, Colonel Abdulmajeed al-Kasih explained that the Turkish sides and the new Libyan interim authority expressed their desire to strengthen cooperation for security reform and capacity-building, according to need, and at the request of the interim Libyan government.

Colonel al-Kasih said that this effectively means the continued presence of Turkish military in Libya. According to the 5+5 Joint Military Agreement, all foreign forces and mercenaries are to leave Libya.


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