Al-Sharqawi: Morocco Faces ISIS Threat as Fighters Return from Libya, Syria and Iraq – Al Marsad

The Director of the Central Office of Judicial Research, Haboub al-Sharqawi, said that ISIS is seeking to find a foothold in Morocco and the region to implement its subversive agenda.

(Libya, 15 April 2021) – In an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya, Haboub al-Sharqawi said that terrorist threats facing Morocco are led by the return of fighters from hotbeds of tension in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and also from cyber activity, individual wolves operations and the spread of extremist groups and weapons in the Sahel region.

He said ISIS has witnessed a rebirth in the African coast after it was defeated in Syria and Iraq.

The Central Office said it also has information on instructions from ISIS leaders to carry out terrorist attacks and operations in their countries of origin, without moving to areas controlled by the group or traveling from one country to another to carry out a terrorist act, al-Sharqawi said.