Al-Suwaei: Déby’s Death Has Dangerous Repercussions to Libya’s Security – Al Marsad

Political analyst Ahmed al-Suwaei said the death of President of Chad Idriss Déby will have serious implications for security in Libya, especially in the south of the country, where Chadian armed opposition movements continue to be active.

(Libya, 21 April 2021) – In a statement to Sputnik on Tuesday, Ahmed al-Suwaei added that the late Chadian president was among Libya’s key security allies, which reflected positively on the security situation between the two countries over the past periods.

He pointed out that the security vacuum caused by President Déby’s death could affect Libya and beyond it. The situation requires that Tripoli does not to yield to possible geopolitical changes in Chad.

Al-Suwaei said the Presidential Council must play the role of an effective regional mediator to open negotiations between the regime in N’Djamena and its opponents to calm the situation, avoid the region the dangers of the current Chadian crisis, and intensify Libya’s efforts to work on long-term reforms in Chad.

He also stressed that the transformation of Chad as a focal point of the conflict will have an impact on all neighboring countries, foremost among them Libya.