Libyan Parliament Selects Siddiq Al-Sour as Attorney General – Al Marsad

The House of Representatives (HoR), in its meeting on Tuesday in Tobruk, voted by a majority of the members present on selecting Siddiq al-Sour as the new Attorney General.

(Libya, 21 April 2021) – According to a press release issued by the House of Representatives (HoR), Siddiq al-Sour, who has been the head of the Investigations Bureau at the Attorney General’s office for several years, was elected out of eight members of judicial authorities nominated by the Supreme Council of the Judiciary the post.

In a statement to the Libyan News Agency (LANA), al-Sour expressed his thanks for the confidence given to him by the HoR for the position of Attorney General, and indicated his aspiration to perform this trust with sincerity and dedication for the sake of the homeland and the rule of law.