Hussein Muftah: Chad’s Situation Will Affect Libya Negatively – Al Marsad

Libyan writer and political analyst Hussein Muftah said that the latest following the death of President of Chad, Idriss Déby will have a direct impact on the situation in Libya.

(Libya, 21 April 2021) – In a special statement to Sky News Arabia, Hussein Muftah explained that there is a mutual impact between what is happening in Libya and what happened in Chad in general, the rebels in Chad are linked to the situation in Libya in terms of training and funding.

Muftah said that the impact of the situation in Libya goes beyond normal influences such being a hotbed of tension, movement of fighters, a crossing or passage for migration. The impact of events in Chad was a major concern for the entire region, as well as what will happen in the northern Chad region along the border with Libya, despite the Chadian army’s announced that it took control of the capital and many of the areas that were occupied by the fighters.

If the remnants of the rebel fighters control new territory in the northern Chadian areas bordering Libya, they will significant impact on Libya.

Muftah also said, “We must also look northern Niger as well, and movements of ISIS elements, along with breakthroughs from Boko Haram in Sub-Saharan or south African coast.”

“I believe that such events will certainly make a negative impact on Libya’s situation and stability,” he added. “This may encourage other groups in Libya, considering that these groups have been armed and are receiving funds in Libya.”

Muftah added, “It requires all the countries of the region (North Africa and sub-Saharan countries) to unite efforts against such groups, and they must deal with them decisively.”