Daghim: Aguila Saleh Obstructs the Ratification of GNU’s Draft Budget – Al Marsad

Member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ziad Daghim, accused the Speaker of the HoR Chancellor Aguila Saleh of obstructing the ratification of the draft budget law submitted by the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) and was unlikely to pass it easily.

(Libya, 22 April 2021) – In statements to Akhbar Libya 24‏, Member of Parliament Ziad Daghim explained that Chancellor Saleh will put all obstacles in front of the list that defeated him at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), and stressed that the budget is unlikely to be approved until after a period of extortion, and destruction of the government’s project and timeline.

He said that he did not participate in the last session of the HoR because of his stated position on the issue given the sessions are run by those whose interests conflict with the GNU and the new Presidential Council.

In a related context, Daghim called on Prime Minister of the interim GNU Abdul Hamid Dbaiba to clarify the remit of his government to his ministers. He said the GNU Minister of Local Government seems not to have understood the nature of the Libyan phases as his government took over its duties from the government of Abdullah Al-Thini.

“The GNU is an extension of al-Thini’s government, he and his colleagues must respect its decisions,” he added, emphasising that this is the time for unity and tolerance, not a time to settle ideological or regional scores.


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