Muslim Brotherhood to Al-Mangoush: The Turkish Forces are not Mercenaries – Al Marsad

The political arm of the the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, the Justice and Construction Party, expressed its surprise at Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush’s call for the withdrawal of Turkish forces from the country.

(LIBYA, 23 April 2021) – The Justice and Construction Party (JCP) focussed, in a statement by its spokeswoman Samira Al-Ezabi on their party’s TV channel “Libya Panorama,” the presence of what she described as “Russian mercenaries” continued with the arrival of international reports stating that arms shipments to “Haftar’s party.”

The spokeswoman for JCP said, “does the Foreign Minister not realize that the Turkish forces present in Libya came in support of stability and based on an official agreement and that they are not mercenary forces?” By “official agreement” she was was referring to the Sarraj-Erdogan security MOU through which Turkey brought more than 10,000 mercenaries from Syria To Libya, and they were were deployed at al-Watiya base, Al-Khums, and in Misrata, in addition to some of the Turkish soldiers supervising them.

The security MOU signed between Sarraj and Erdogan was deemed illegal by the Libyan House of Representatives and considered null and void.

She also added, that “according to the roadmap that formed the government, the signed international agreements are outside the tasks of the Interim Government of National Unity and the Presidential Council.”