Amal Bugaighis: Foreign Fighters on Libyan Soil are Mercenaries and Must Libya – Al Marsad

Lawyer Amal Bugaighis, who is a member of the Legal Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), said that all foreign fighters on Libyan soil are to be regarded as mercenaries.

(LIBYA, 25 April 2021) – Amal Bugaighis said in a post published on her official Facebook account: “There is no difference between those who arrived through an agreement concluded by a government that is not recognized nationally and those who came through unofficial military companies. Everyone has to leave the country.”

Alluding to the attacks against the statements made by Najla al-Mangoush to Italian MPs by Islamist and officials from the Justice and Construction Party, Bugaighis said that al-Mangoush spoke out the truth and advised her not to pay attention to “barking dogs.”