The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Says It Has Changed Into an “NGO” – Al Marsad

The Muslim Brotherhood organization in Libya said in a written statement on Sunday that it has changed its name to the Revival and Renewal Society and turned itself into an NGO.

(LIBYA, 3 May 2021) – The Muslim Brotherhood organisation in Libya issued a statement on Sunday announcing that its organisation had now turned itself into an NGO under the name of “Revival and Renewal” Society. 

“We declare to all Libyans that, with the grace and help of God, the community has turned into an association called the Resurrection and Reform Society in order to revive the call of the community to obey the middle way approach and teachings of Islam,” said the Muslim Brotherhood’s statement.

The decision was taken by the group at its 11th convention  and the group said it will spread its its message by working in various public areas in Libya. The statement included a summary of the results and decisions of its 10th and 11th conventions.

In a report published by Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, it quoted Abdurrezzak Sergen who was a former member of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood and a member of its political wing, the Justice and Construction Party, who said “that the group had decided that its work should only be within Libya, so it had turned into a non-governmental organization.”

He also noted that after this decision, that “the organization had no connections outside of Libya, it was not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and it became a society that only works within the country.”

The statement claimed that the reason behind this change was due to the intensification of the group’s efforts to prepare for the upcoming elections and taking into account the changes in reality that require wisdom and the logic of reason. It stressed that the group dealt with each stage and phase with what was required given the demands of diligence and renewal.

The statement claimed the Muslim Brotherhood has been a victim of misinformation since the February Revolution, and attempts have been made to exclude the group from Libyan society, even though its members continue to participate in dialogue whether in workshops, seminars and conferences.


The announcement was met with bemusement by Libyan commentators and activists. Many see this latest attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya as yet another superficial effort to fool the public by pretending they have disowned their ideological transnationalism for nationalism and patriotism.

As Libyans overwhelmingly demand direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections this December, in order to end the scourge of appointed governments with an executive authority that is based on the legitimacy of the Libyan people, this comes as terrible news for Islamist parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood.


The recent efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to undermine direct Presidential elections is a sign of their anxiety on their future in Libya. It is no secret that the representation at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), selected by Stephanie Williams, favoured mainly the Muslim Brotherhood block, who saw the framework as the last refuge to influence and maintain its stranglehold on the Libyan political scene.

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood feel threatened by direct Presidential elections and many are concerned that it could herald the demise of their party. For many Libyans, however, this will be a welcome development given the disproportionate influence the Muslim Brotherhood has exerted on the country’s political and financial system, along with their militias who have held the country hostage and impeded democratic progress.

The change from being a political party to becoming an NGO is unlikely to improve the fortunes of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. As the international community and the Libyan public insist on all foreign forces and mercenaries—including the Turkish forces and their Syrian mercenaries—leaving Libyan soil, the options for the Muslim Brotherhood seem bleak without military protection or an imposed government.


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