Al-Fitouri: Muslim Brotherhood Changed Its Name Because It’s a Pariah Among Libyans – Al Marsad

Libyan political analyst Ibrahim al-Fitouri said that when the Muslim Brotherhood announced itself being back in the Libya in 2011, it claimed that it would only practice advocacy and advisory work, and that its main aim was only to spread religion and Islamic values, in an attempt to win a large part of Libyans to their cause.

(Libya, 4 May 2021) – Ibrahim al-Fitouri told Sky News Arabia that the Muslim Brotherhood did not adhere to its declared principles, rather it was using its platform for political work and violating laws and regulations. He said everyone saw members of the Muslim Brotherhood holding positions in parties loyal to it and in the state.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has gone through many phases in Libya, at times it dominated political decisions and its members and leaders occupied state institutions, but we have reached a day when the group has become a pariah among Libyans.” He said Libyans “were certain that the Brotherhood is not welcome, because it exceeded the boundaries and contracts concluded between political entities and Libyans after plunging them into chaos.”

Al-Fitouri pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood reached a dead end after losing grassroots and political representation within the new government, and that therefore it was normal for them to attempt to reposition themselves under a new name.

He also cited a number of recent defections from the Muslim Brotherhood, which affected the organization. “Even the leaders of the Brotherhood have withdrawn and exited the organization, as an open manoeuvre by them to to reintroduce themselves in a new way,” said al-Fitouri.


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