RADA Announces the Arrest of the Perpetrators of the Kabaw Murders – Al Marsad

The Central Security Department of the Special Deterrence Forces (RADA) arrested the suspects for the horrific murder of a father, mother and their two children in the city of Kabaw during the sacred month of Ramadan.

(Libya, 4 May 2021) – Security agencies confirmed that the Central Security Department of the Special Deterrence Forces (RADA) had arrested those involved in the brutal murder of Fadel Amr Said Ashour, his wife and their two children.

According to earlier reports two masked men stormed the home and shot dead all members of the family before eating their Iftar food. According to the security investigation, the family of Fadel Ashour was preparing their Iftar, but were attacked due to alleged financial issues related to inheritance.

Those arrested were Osama Amr Said Ashour (aka Balbash) and Said Amr Said Ashour, both of whom were brother’s of the deceased.

The Information Center explained that the Central Security Department was assigned to to investigate, gather information and arrest the above-mentioned suspects. After their arrest and interrogation, they confessed to the crime, and found out that there is an accomplice in the crime,  named Mohamed Abdullah al-Hebail (aka Chiwawa).

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Al-Hebail was detained for a murder case in Janzour Center in 2017. He managed to escape in 2018. On the instructions of the Jado Security Directorate, Amr Said, the father of the victim and the father of the perpetrators, was also detained for security reasons.

The Information Center confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing, and the security services will publish more details of the murder including the confessions by the perpetrators.


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