Embassies of 5 Countries: Critical to Facilitate Libyan Elections and Reach Constitutional Basis for Them – Al Marsad

Following the Group of Seven (G7) meeting, the embassies of the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain and France in Libya issued a joint statement on the importance of supporting institutions to prepare for the 24 December elections.

(LIBYA, 7 May 2021) – The statement by the five countries reminded all parties of the UN Security Council resolution 2570 and called on “the relevant Libyan authorities and institutions, including the GNU and House of Representatives, to facilitate the 24 December 2021 elections, and agree the constitutional and legal basis for these elections by 1 July.”

The statement also stressed the importance of making the necessary political and security arrangements, along with “the technical and logistical preparations”, which it regarded as critical.

Referring to efforts by some political forces to change the management of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), the statement concluded by emphasising that it was the five countries believed that “now is not the time for any disruptive changes at the relevant bodies which enable that preparation [for the elections] to take place within the timescale set up by the UNSCR 2570.”


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