State Council Claims Statement by France, US, UK, Italy and Germany Undermines Libyan Sovereignty – Al Marsad

The advisory High Council of State, headed by Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party member Khaled al-Mishri, issued a statement today the joint statement issued by the embassies of Germany, Italy, France, UK and the US, arguing that they were undermining Libyan sovereignty.

Embassies of 5 Countries: Critical to Facilitate Libyan Elections and Reach Constitutional Basis for Them

(LIBYA, 7 May 2021) – The statement by the advisory High Council of State, expressed its surprise at the joint statement issued by the five embassies which said that current time is not suitable for making changes to institutions such as the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) that have to prepare for elections in Libya.

The State Council considered the joint statement as an interference Libyan affairs. It argued that the violation of Libyan sovereignty does not depend only on the presence of foreign mercenaries on the ground, but also through an attempt to impose foreign political agendas.

The statement added, that “while the State Council stresses the necessity of holding the elections on time on solid constitutional foundations, it also confirms at the same time that the independence of Libyan decision making is something we cannot compromise.”


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