Al-Fitouri: Moving Dbaiba’s Government to Sirte Has Become An Urgent National Demand – Al Marsad

Libyan political analyst Radwan al-Fitouri said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Najla al-Mangoush, did what many so-called “patriots” could not do over the years. He described al-Mangoush as the “Iron Lady”.

(Libya, 10 May 2021) – In a statement to Annahar Al-Arabi on Sunday, Radwan al-Fitouri said: “Al-Mangoush stood in front of the terrorist and media machine which is driven by Turkey, and said that its forces must leave.” He added, “the followers of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected these statements because they are well aware that if the Turkish forces leave Libya, they will no longer have power, and they are sheltering under these foreign forces and their survival is linked to its continuation.”

Al-Fitouri said al-Mangoush’s visit to Qatrun was significant, and carried several messages to the Libyan interior and to the international community.

On the attempt by armed groups to storm the Corinthia Hotel, he said that Prime Minister of the interim GNU Abdul Hamid Dbaiba was paying the price for not choosing Sirte as the seat of his government’s meetings. In Tripoli the Dbaiba government will be always at risk of militia incursion.

“The siege of the headquarters of the Presidential Council was expected, to revolt against the new authority, and these armed groups would not dare to attack the hotel without Turkey’s permission,” al-Fitouri said.

He emphasized that the transfer of Dbaiba’s government to Sirte has become an urgent national demand and necessity, if he wants to lead his government to safety and hold the December elections.

Al-Fitouri did not believe the hotel siege by militias would affect the efforts of the departure of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya. He explained: “We will see condemnations and shifts in the international tone, but in any case they do not rise to the level of action on the ground. I see that the closest internal reaction to be an official government condemnation of these militias.”

“There is a growing talk about al-Mangoush’s determination to move her ministry headquarters to Benghazi in light of the direct threats to her life and threatening fatwas,” claimed al-Fitouri.