Al-Mangoush: Libyans Will Not Act as Guards for Europe’s Borders – Al Marsad

As Muslim Brotherhood figures and Turkey loyalists continue their attacks on the Libyan Foreign Minister of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Najla al-Mangoush, she has been busy with an inspection visit of the southern border areas. She visited Qatrun municipality and met with border crossing officials, and was Rapporteur of the House of Representatives (HoR), Saleh Qelma, and a member of the High Council of State (HCS), Al-Taher al-Makni, in addition to several officials of the municipality.

(Libya, 9 May 2021) – According to the media office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Najla al-Mangoush participated in several meetings at the municipality, and listened to the problems faced by citizens such as lack of services and poor living conditions. She pledged to relay the suffering of the citizens in the municipality to the Council of Ministers to find urgent solutions to end their plight.


Al-Mangoush undertook the visit as an effort to develop a framework for a joint government strategy between the relevant ministries, including the Interior and Foreign Affairs, Defense, Illegal Immigration, and others, for the South. She also said said she wanted to find out the status and conditions of the border crossing areas with Niger and meet its officials and workers.

Al-Mangoush gave a speech during her tour, expressing her thanks to the soldiers at the port for their efforts, pledging to strengthen the Libyan presence and support them in this sensitive period, which she said required upholding the national interest.

She added the situation in Libya today was not the same as it was ten years ago, and called on neighbouring countries to urgently put in place a regional mechanisms to combat smuggling, migration, and human trafficking.


The Libya Foreign Minister also confirmed that during the coming weeks, she would undertake bilateral visits to countries that let immigrants in and to countries whose citizens are victims of trafficking. She said they need to develop bilateral understandings with Libya so their citizens can return to them with dignity and humanity. She added she will be submitting to the HoR a draft law to tighten penalties for smugglers and human traffickers, so that tough can be deterrent to all interfering parties involvement in smuggling and human trafficking.

Al-Mangoush stated: “We wish stability in our neighbouring country, Chad, according to what its people decide and what achieves their aspirations and by peaceful means.” She went on to add: “we have suffered in Libya immensely from the crossing of our borders by armed groups of different nationalities and their employment with parties to the Libyan conflict, and we have repeatedly called upon these countries to help us control its citizens and to reach a solution in their countries that protect us and protect them from the evils of war.”


She also demanded the removal of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya, “Wagner Group, Janjaweed, Syrians and others,” whether in the south, west or east, immediately from Libya, and to cooperate with us through a time plan that will be drawn up by the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) under the supervision of the United Nations (UN), and the decisions of the Security Council.”

She continued, “We are working to liberate our sovereign decisions and prepare for free and fair elections, free from the pressure of arms and force.”

During her speech, she stressed that the Libyans will not act as guards for Europe’s borders, and Libya cannot be a gateway for suffering and persecution against fellow African countries. She called on European countries to fulfil their agreements signed with Libya, especially since Libya has assets with these countries under bilateral signed agreements close to half a billion dollars dedicated to protecting the borders.

Al-Mangoush also mentioned the need to to conclude contracts for electronic surveillance and information protection, as security and stability in Libya can only be achieved by tight control and securing of its national borders.

She said European countrie must fulfil their obligations and deliver on their promises. She said Libya is not seeking support and funding, as these were “contractual obligations that must be fulfilled.”



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