Islamist Ghweila Urges RADA to Release Hamas Prisoners Under the Pretext of Defending Jerusalem – Al Marsad

Member of Dar Al-Iftaa, Abdul Basit Ghweila, who is close to the terrorist Shura Councils and Ansar al-Sharia organizations and alleged to have links with the Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi, called on the Special Deterrence Force (RADA) to release prisoners affiliated with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, under the pretext that they need to defend Jerusalem from the attacks launched by the Israeli occupation.

(LIBYA, 11 May 2021) – The Islamist leader, Abdul Basit Ghweila, in a video clip broadcast on his personal page on Facebook said: “Everyone is following what is happening in Jerusalem, and how the Jews defiled Jerusalem, and how they entered the mosque and arrested people and beat them with rubber and real bullets and killed some people.”

He said, “demonstrations in all parts of the world are calling on the Jews to take their hands off Muslims and their holy sites.”

“We are calling for the release of our imprisoned brothers from the Hamas and the Palestinians who live among us and were born in Libya, and who support the cause of Palestine, the cause of every Muslim, which is not the issue only of the Palestinians, because Bait al-Maqdis is for all Muslims,” said the cleric.

Ghweila added: “We demand that RADA, which currently holding members of the Hamas leadership in its prisons in Tripoli, to release them today, before tomorrow, if they have pure intentions and that they are with Jerusalem and with Muslims.”