Malta Independent: Courts Told Neville Gafà Offered €350,000 to Victims to Drop Claims Against Him – Al Marsad

An article published by the Malta Independent newspaper said Maltese courts were told on Monday that twelve Libyan war victims were each offered €350,000 to waive claims that implicated Neville Gafà, a former official of the Prime Minister, in a medical visas. Back in August 2016, the Malta Independent had revealed that dozens of Libyan were forced to hand over payments to Neville Gafà to secure their medical visas, who were granted access for treatment in Malta due to the Libyan civil war. Gafà is alleged to have made over €3 million from the medical visa racket since it began operating in 2014.

(LIBYA, 12 May 2021) – According to the Malta Independent, two of the victims “testified via video conference in ongoing libel proceedings filed by Gafà against the former editor of The Malta Independent on Sunday, David Lindsay.“

The 25-year old Tripoli-born survivor of the Libyan civil war claimed that the prosthetic arm he was promised never materialised “because of [Neville] Gafà”.

The Libyan witness was one of a group of war casualties who were flown to Malta for free medical treatment following an agreement reached with Maltese authorities. According to the Maltese newspaper, “the witness said Gafà had approached the patients, introducing himself as the representative of the Minister of Health, demanding money for treatment.”

The witness said Gafà wanted €3,500, “When he said he did not have the money, Gafà had threatened to call the police and throw him out of Malta.”According to the witness, he was to be “provided with a prosthetic limb, but he had gone back to Libyan without one, he said, as he lifted his arm to show an amputated hand” in court.

When asked by his lawyer, Peter Fenech, to confirm the “amount he was offered to waive his claims, the witness wrote down the figure ‘€350,000’ on a sheet of paper and held it up for the court to see.”

The presiding Magistrate Victor George Axiak asked the witness “if he had been present when Gafà allegedly made the offer”. The witness said that “it had been made to his agents”, and that he had turned down the offer.

A second witness, a 46-year old war victim, testified how he too had received a visit from Neville Gafà in hospital, “asking for some €2,000 to €3,000 to renew his expired medical visa.”

This witness said he did not have the money and therefore received no treatment for his fractured hip.

A third witness who was to testify on Monday was unable to do so after testing positive to COVID-19, according to Malta Independent. The newspaper said that neither Gafà nor his lawyers were not present in court on Monday.



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