Al-Ghazal: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Refusal to Hand Over Files to New Intel Chief – Al Marsad

Political analyst Salem al-Ghazal confirmed the continuing crisis over the appointment of the new intelligence chief, Major General Hussein al-Ayeb, in light of the continuous attempts by the dismissed head of the agency, Imad al-Trabelsi, to obstruct the new appointment by the Presidential Council.

(LIBYA, 16 May 2021) – Political analyst Salem al-Ghazal, in a statement to Libya’s Al-Hadath channel on Sunday, said  Imad al-Trabelsi’s militia had not not yet handed over the headquarters to Major General Hussein al-Ayeb, and has also refused to hand over the files of the intelligence agency. Al-Ayeb, who was recently appointed by the Presidential Council as the new head of intelligence, is having to exercise his duties from outside the intelligence headquarters.

Al-Ghazal said the “terrorist” Muslim Brotherhood organisation in Libya condemns the appointment of Major General Hussein al-Ayeb, and they are supporting Trabelsi and his militias’s refusal to hand over.

“The refusal to hand over power to al-Ayeb constitutes a complex crisis which again shows how militia undermine the Presidential Council, and that this once again constitutes a major obstacle to any future decisions,” said al-Ghazal.



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