Umm Al-Ezz Al-Farsi: The December Election is the Solution to Stop Tampering with Libyan State – Al Marsad

Member of the Libyan Political Dialogue (LPDF), Umm Al-Ezz Al-Farsi said holding elections at the end of the year was the solution to end tampering with the capabilities of the Libyan state.

(LIBYA, 17 May 2021) – In a post on her personal Facebook account on Monday, Umm Al-Ezz Al-Farsi wrote: “The government has not had its budget approved, while only a few months remain for its legitimacy, and has assigned departments to agents, and appointed baggage-handlers and employees to the rank of ministers—what is this absurdity and tampering with the capabilities of a weak state on the verge of collapse? The December 2021 election is the solution.”


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