Al-Raish: Muslim Brotherhood Trying to Obstruct Direct Presidential Elections – Al Marsad

Political analyst Mohamed al-Raish said that the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), through agreement between all local parties had set 24 December as the date for elections in Libya. However, this plan has been met with counter-plan by the Muslim Brotherhood aimed at hindering the election timetable and process.

(LIBYA, 23 May 2021) – In a statement to Al-Arabiya, political analyst Mohamed al-Raish said the Muslim Brotherhood was the key obstructor of the dialogue process. He said their recent actions and positions were all efforts to pressurise the postponement of the December elections by raising controversial issues on the constitutional rule for the elections.

Al-Raish said the obstacles put forward by Muslim Brotherhood were embodied in their demands for a mechanism to elect the president through parliament rather than directly by the people, as well as constrain the president’s powers. He said such moves were to ensure the Muslim Brotherhood stays in power.

Al-Raish also pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood is also leading a campaign targeting the head of the High National Election Commission (HNEC), Emad al-Sayeh, in order to remove him from his post. He said the Muslim Brotherhood wants to disrupt the HNEC, which has a pivotal role in organizing elections. They are also attempting to disrupt the decision in appointing candidates for sovereign positions. The seven sovereign positions remain the subject of disagreement between the State Council and the House of Representatives (HoR).

He added that the pretexts used by the Muslim Brotherhood to hinder and postpone the elections indefinitely, indicate fears of the Islamist political movement on their failure at the elections, since there has been a consistent decline in their popularity and the erosion of their electoral base, according to al-Raish.


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