Al-Gharyani: The Battle in Libya is the Same as the Battle in Palestine – Al Marsad

The radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani commented on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian communities and the reaction of the international community, and said the battle in Libya was the same as the battle in Palestine.

(LIBYA, 23 May 2021) – The radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani, who has been living in Turkey for quite some time now, told his followers: “In this battle against the Zionist enemy of Palestine, there are three groups, the first is the category of the patient believers who are standing in front of the enemy in Gaza, Holy Jerusalem, and the West Bank, who are facing the enemy with bare chests, those who die are martyrs.”

He continued: “One of the reasons for victory is to always remember God with our heart, whoever strikes with a stone, a stick, a missile, or anything with which he resists the enemy.”

He then said, “the second group are the people who help the mujahideen [those engaged in jihad] like the media, governments, or whoever can also help with their homes or with what they can provide to the mujahideen.”

Gharyani said the governments that support Palestine, such as Turkey and Qatar. we not are not like other countries, and those who pay millions in support of the Palestinian cause, whether states or individuals, are not like those who pay only thousands.”

He continued his claims by saying: “The third group are those whose hearts have become suspicious of their faith, which is the group of hypocrites, losers, owners of defeated and humiliated souls; who echo the rumours of the enemy that are broadcasted by their media. Victory is from God and not through the abundance of American, International and Zionist weapons; Muslims should review themselves and not be trumpets of Zionism, and all of us know who funds these channels that ignite war, and who adopts Zionist calls.”

He also claimed that “the Zionist enemy is fighting with the major countries and the international community. The Security Council held three sessions and left without any results, and the reason for this is one country, America; this country that cracks our heads with human rights, freedoms and so on.”

The radical Libya Islamist cleric, who resides in Turkey, urged all Libyans to go out and demonstrate in the squares and protests to what is happening in Palestine. He also urged economic boycott of European goods of any country that supports Israel.

Al-Gharyani said the battle in Palestine was the same as the one in Libya and also in Yemen and other countries, and he claimed it was greenlighted by the US and the European nations. He also warned his followers that hostile nations were “flooding” Libyan markets with their medicine, and that Libyans must pay attention to this “because the economic war, if well exploited, is no less than striking with weapons.”