Norland: US Supports Libyan Desire to Expel All Foreign Fighters from their Country – Al Marsad

US Special Envoy Richard Norland stated strong US support for Libyans and their desire to expel foreign fighters from their land, ridding them completely from the country.

(LIBYA, 26 May 2021) The US special envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, said that the Libyans no longer want power cuts, and they want the Coronavirus pandemic under control, indicating that there are expectations that the unity government will provide services.

Norland confirmed during an exclusive interview on the Egyptian Extra News on Monday, that Libya is a country rich in natural resources, and it has $45 billion in frozen assets waiting to be released. He stressed the need to provide political and diplomatic support for all efforts undertaken by Libyans.

He continued, “We support the Berlin process to enable Libyan politicians to dialogue and reach compromises.” Norland pointed out that there is great interest from foreign investors who wish to invest in several sectors inside Libya, but supporting the Libyan economy depends on a strong government that can manage its resources.

He said, “We believe that American financial aid has achieved its goal of supporting the capabilities of the public sector and managing resources. We and Egypt have common interests in stabilizing the situation in Libya, and we understand the Egyptian concerns.”

The US Envoy stressed that all security problems in Libya can be dealt with when a new government is formed, pointing out that Egypt was a strong and important country in enabling the political process in Libya, pointing out that Libya can play a major role in linking Europe with the Middle East.

“We seek to open the United States embassy in Tripoli in the coming period” said Norland, adding “we must provide support for the Libyan government, which will emerge from the elections, in areas such as electricity and financial liquidity.”

Norland also stressed US “support for the Libyan desire to expel foreign fighters and expel them from the country.” He emphasised that the “role of foreign fighters in Libya must disappear.”

“We support the technical arrangements for a good implementation of the Libyan elections.”

he said he held meetings with many Egyptian officials and also with the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament. “We are encouraged by what we have seen from Libyan officials about preparing for the elections,” said Norland.