Al-Mismari: The Military Parade is a Message that the Armed Forces Will Protect the Homeland – Al Marsad

The Benina Military Base in Benghazi will host today the largest military parade in Libya’s history in recent years, said the spokesperson of the LNA General Command Major General Ahmed al-Mismari.

(LIBYA, 29 May 2021) – LNA spokesperson, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari said, according to the Russian agency Sputnik, that all military units from the ground forces, navy, air force, air defense forces, border guards, the Special Forces and parachute commandos will participate in the military parade to show that the armed forces are ready to protect their homeland.

Al-Mismari said in a press conference held in the city of Benghazi on Friday, that “on Saturday the Benina Military Base in Benghazi will host a big celebration in honor of the region of Benina, the martyrs of Benina, and the people of Benina—this region was chosen to host the largest military parade in the history of Libya in recent years.”

He stressed that military was “neither a show of force against anyone nor a threat to anyone.” Rather, it was a “message to all Libyans” that they have a very strong shield to protect them and their country.” He said the armed forces are prepared to defence the country against anyone who tries to undermine the dignity of Libya, or impose their will on the Libyan people.


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