Saleh to Kubiš: The Next President of the Country Must be Elected Directly by the People – Al Marsad

Chancellor Aguila Saleh and the UNSMIL’s Ján Kubiš reiterated their support for the upcoming Libyan elections. Saleh said the next President of Libya must be elected directly by the people.

(LIBYA, 30 May 2021) – Chancellor Aguila Saleh, speaker of the House of Representatives, held talks with UN envoy, Ján Kubiš, at his office in the city of al-Qubba.

According to a press statement issued by the House of Representatives, the two sides discussed the latest developments in the political process in Libya. Chancellor Saleh expressed his commitment to the date of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections and his support for the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) to fulfil the electoral process.

He also stressed the seriousness of the House of Representatives in its support for organizing the elections on time, and the necessity of electing the next President of the country directly by the people.