Distance Learning Programme for 156 Libyan Nurses with Vatican Hospital – Al Marsad

Libyan nurses are to take part in a groundbreaking Arabic distance learning project via a medtraining online platform in cooperation with Italy’s Vatican Pediatric Hospital and the World Health Organization (WHO).

(LIBYA, 3 June 2021) – A report by the Vatican news agency shed light on the efforts made jointly by the World Health Organization and the Vatican Children’s Hospital, with the aim of improving the health of the children of Libya.

The report quoted officials from the Children’s Hospital at the Vatican, saying that the project they share with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Libya, represented by its director Elizabeth Hoff, aims to exchange knowledge in clinical and research fields.

According to the report, this partnership aims to promote and support the professional modernization of health workers in Libya, especially in the field of paediatrics, which includes the sending of doctors and nurses from two children’s hospitals in Benghazi and Tripoli, to the Vatican Children’s Hospital for a period of 3-6 months.

The report says restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic prevented the launch of this partnership in March 2020, which led to the establishment of a Med Training platform for distance medical education, in several languages, to enable its beneficiaries to receive all information while in their countries.

According to the report, the first training course began with the participation of 156 nurses from 8 Libyan hospitals: Tripoli Children’s Hospital, Benghazi Children’s Hospital, Sebha Medical Centre, Sirte, Misrata, Derna, Bayda, and Tobruk hospitals in the fields of intensive care, neonatology, haematology, cardiology, and surgery.

The organizers of this partnership indicated that the process of expanding the training took place by adding the fields of haematology, palliative medicine and psychosocial support, stressing that easing the restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic will allow some participants to receive field training courses in Italy in the future.

The report quoted the Director of WHO in Libya, Elizabeth Hoff: “It is a great honour for the organization to continue the partnerships that were established 5 years ago with the Vatican, which is now being expanded to include Libya and is receiving an enthusiastic response from nurses working in various Libyan hospitals.”

Huff adds: “We have already started with 130 trainees and we expect to enrol more. Discussions are currently underway to establish a partnership to treat children with cancer in Libya, and it will be funded by the Italian and national oil companies. We would like to work very closely with the Vatican and its Children’s Hospital.”

She continues: “This close work aims at building the capacity of doctors and nurses who will treat children, and establish the psychosocial support aspect associated with this project. The partnership includes the much-needed palliative care project in Libya. The important thing here is to make sure that we work in different aspects and always in the same humanitarian spirit.”

Hoff spoke about the efforts of the Vatican to help the most vulnerable groups in Libya, including illegal immigrants who live in very difficult conditions, expressing confidence that the Libyans will be able to take charge when their capacities are built through experts coming from the Vatican.

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