Al-Baruni: The Spectre of 2014 Looms Again in Libya – Al Marsad

Political analyst Sultan al-Baruni says that the situation in western Libya was not reassuring, with regard to the idea of ​​holding elections without compromising their transparency, given the spread of militias, and before that the presence of political factions seeking to hamper the path towards elections.

(LIBYA, 5 June 2021) – Al-Baruni, in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia on Thursday, saw that the international community quickly realized what these factions intended, and that the 2014 scenario might be on the brink of happening again if it does not take immediate steps to subdue the aims of these political groups.

He explained that the Berlin Conference will send clear messages that it will not accept compromising the elections, changing any date, or postponing them, noting that in the absence of resorting to the ballot boxes, Libyans might go to guns, and a new chapter of political and security chaos will begin. And this, he says, is exactly what the forces of political Islam, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, want since they know very well that such chaos is the only way they can stay in power.

Al-Baruni stressed that the situation in the eastern region is very different from that in the west of the country. He said everyone witnessed the LNA military parade and listened to the statements of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in which he affirmed his insistence that elections must be held on time and the need to implement all the provisions of the LPDF roadmap.