Al-Khafifi: Sadiq al-Gharyani Must Be Sanctioned for Hate Speech and Abusing Religion – Al Marsad

Libyan journalist Abdullah Muhammad al-Khafifi said that the arrest of Sadiq al-Gharyani has become an urgent matter, as he has turned into a “dealer in religion who exploits hadiths and Qur’anic verses and interprets them wrongly” according to the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood.

(LIBYA, 7 June 21) – Libyan journalist Abdullah Muhammad al-Khafifi, in exclusive statements to Al-Ain News website on Thursday, said that among what was agreed upon in the Geneva Dialogue and the Committee of the 75 was the rejection of hate speech, which is still continuing from the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement through its various mouthpieces.

He called on the UN mission (UNSMIL) and the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) to put an end to the misleading fatwas by Sadiq al-Gharyani, who presents himself as a cleric. It is understood, he said, that clerics are supposed to address reconciliation and reunification, but Gharyani’s hate speech is a destructive anomaly that must be rejected.

Al-Khafifi noted that for ten years al-Gharyani has been practicing hate speech, legitimizing external interference, shedding blood and the sanctity of Libyans, on the orders of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.