Sadiq al-Gharyani: UNSMIL Controls Libya and Ignites Strife in the Country – Al Marsad

Radical Libyan Islamist cleric who resides in Turkey, Sadiq al-Gharyani, urged the Libyan people not to tolerate foreign interference in Libyan affairs, and called on the public to rise up against officials, people, elites and civil society, and not to remain silent on what is happening in the country. In his most recent television appearance on his own channel, he attacked and his usual rants against the international community, UNSMIL, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, and also the Presidential Council. 

(LIBYA, 7 June 2021) – Radical Libyan Islamist cleric, Sadiq al-Gharyani, who is wanted on the terrorist lists of the Gulf states and Egypt, claimed in a show broadcast in his Al-Tanasuh channel last week, that the “Tobruk Parliament” as he called it (Libyan House of Representatives) is still disrupting the entire budget and making the whole country suffer from a clear paralysis because of the delay in adopting the budget.


Al-Gharyani said: “Parliament is expired and extends itself over and over again, and it is reduced to one person, Aguila Saleh; the majority in Tripoli is silent and does not move a finger, and the Mission also does not contribute positively or transfer the matter to the 75 Committee to decide on it in any way, as happened with the formation of the Interim Government of National Unity (GNU).”

He accused Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and Chancellor Aguila Saleh of trying to disrupt the work of the GNU. However, the said, the international community views Haftar as a partner in the political process.


Al-Gharyani also launched on a tirade against UNSMIL: “They only speak the truth until after their service ends, unfortunately. The envoys, when they are in power, they issue orders as if they are High Commissioners. They are the ones who rule, appoint, order, work within the diplomatic corps, control the Central Bank of Libya, they do what they want and do not describe things as they really are.”

He continued his allegations saying the “the UN envoy is not chosen by the United Nations for any other reason but to be a forger and a liar, obliterating facts and igniting strife. It does not act for stability. Because after his service ends, if they find that he has solved any real problem in any country, it means that their political future is over.” He added the UN sends “a delegate to make matters worse; this is their way, as evidenced by [Stephanie] Williams’ speech that showed the international community is illusory and has no influence.”


“When the Skhirat project came and Libyans began to prepare for it and get close and befriend their enemies, sheikhs and scholars warned them and said there is no such thing as an international community,” said al-Gharyani. He said the scholars had warned the people to “beware of your enemies joining forces; they used to say that society is a striking force and we cannot stand in its face, and they used to portray it as an octopus from which there is no escape; that we must surrender to it and bow down to the international community.”

Al-Gharyani then sent a message to the sheikhs of Libya, and said: “They all have to stick to what was stated in their statement and not be silent and content themselves with promises, because we have experience with the previous government of al-Sarraj; how many promises did the sheikhs make when they contacted him and met him, and he explained to them the defect in the Awqaf authority and made them promises?”

He urged the sheikhs and scholars to “demand change and not remain silent on rampant corruption in the country, especially after foreign interventions and this “encouraged“ category which has nothing to do with the homeland, Libya, or any sect which is in Libya and is characterized by the name of Salafism.”


He also took a shot at the Presidential Council’s decision to prevent officers from speaking to the media: “The Presidential Council issued a decision last month to prevent officials present in the western region from making any statements, so they muzzled their mouths after they were aware of the facts about Wagner’s presence in Sirte and the attacks; they shut them up.”