Turkish Military Cargo Plane Lands at Al-Watiya Air Base – Al Marsad

The Flight Radar website, which specializes in monitoring aircraft movement, revealed that Turkey continues to defy Libya and the international community by sending military cargo planes.

(LIBYA, 10 June 2021) – According to what was stated on the site, a Turkish military cargo plane landed at Al-Watiya base, which Turkey uses as a site for transferring weapons and mercenaries in western Libya. According to the itinerary, an Airbus A400M-180 took off from a military base in Ankara.

As it approached the western coast of Libya, it headed south towards the the Uqba bin Nafeh (Al-Watiya) Air Base, west of the capital, Tripoli. This confirms that Turkey has not stopped the air bridge with its bases in western Libya as it continues to send military cargo planes.