Al-Mahjoub: Muslim Brotherhood Brought Turkish Occupation to Libya – Al Marsad

Libyan National Army (LNA)’s Major General Khaled al-Mahjoub accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being the party most interested in keeping Libya unstable. He said some parties seek to create chaos and obstruct the elections scheduled for 24 December.

(LIBYA, 13 June 2021) – In an interview with Sky News Arabia on Saturday, Major General Khaled al-Mahjoub explained that all the current terrorist organizations and groups in Libya were born out of the Muslim Brotherhood. He said the Brotherhood uses these groups, whether they are religiously ideological or criminal gangs working in fuel smuggling fuel and human trafficking, pointing out that they have a great interest in Instability.

Al-Mahjoub also commented on the visit by the Turkish delegation to Tripoli on Saturday, commenting that it was the Muslim Brotherhood who brought Turkey to Turkey, and Turkey turned from being a supporter to becoming an occupier of Libya.

He said the Muslim Brotherhood facilitated the Turkish presence in Libya, and that Libyans will not remain silent over the Turkish occupation. He demanded the exit of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya, and pointed out the Turkey controls the political scene in Tripoli and imposes its presence as a fait accompli.

Al-Mahjoub considered Tripoli as a capital occupied by Turkey. He said the Turkish delegation entered Tripoli with arrogance, and without any coordination with the Libyan authorities, and it showed no sign of respecting the sovereignty of Libya.