Hulusi Akar to Turkish Soldiers at Mitiga Base: Haftar’s Military Parade Threatens Libyan Peace – Al Marsad

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar claimed that his country will continue to do what is required for the unity and security of Libya, but he did not mention the more than 10,000 Syrian mercenaries sent by his country from Turkey to Libya, including former fighters of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Will these terrorist mercenaries maintain the security and unity of Libya?

(LIBYA, 13 June 2021) – Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, in a speech delivered to Turkish officers at the Turkish base in Mitiga, on Saturday, after his meeting with the Chief of Staff of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Mohamed al-Haddad and the commander of the Tripoli region, Abdel Basset Marwan, said friendship relations have continued for years between Turkey and Tripoli. “Turkey is a homeland for the Libyans, and Libya is a homeland for the Turks,” said Akar.

He said Turkey will continue to do what is required for the unity and security of Libya, adding: “Therefore, the reason for our presence here must be well understood.”

Akar said that the “world must not forget these actions, and everyone must remember the harm and suffering caused by the putschist Haftar” [Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar].

He pointed out that Turkey is present in Libya based on what he described as “an invitation from the legitimate government recognized by the United Nations and within the framework of bilateral agreements between the two countries,” referring to the illegal agreement signed between Sarraj and Erdogan that was rejected by the elected parliament of Libya.

Hulusi Akar: Turkey is Not a “Foreign” Power in Libya

Akar also claimed that the Turkish activities carried out in Libya are very clear in terms of international law, transparency and legitimacy. However, he failed to mention that Turkey has continued and is still continuing its activities there with Libyans in clear defiance of the outcomes of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee agreement sponsored by the United Nations.

He pointed out that there are risks and threats to peace in Libya, adding: “Everyone witnessed the recent military parade held by the putschist Haftar’s group.”

“Moreover, we must see the extent of the insidiousness of the European operation carried out under the name of IRINI, as its activity is against the legitimate government only, and not against the Haftar group, who continues arming itself via land and air,” claimed Akar.

He said that a large number of civilians, including children, were killed as a result of the explosives planted by Haftar’s elements, even among children’s toys, adding: “Many Libyan brothers lost their lives or limbs as a result of these explosives and mines, some of them are being treated in Libya and the other in Turkey.”

Addressed his speech to the Turkish soldiers in Libya, he saying: “You are performing important tasks here, you are by the side of our Libyan brothers, and you are here to alleviate their problems, help and support them in their just cause.”

Scandal has followed Akar’s visit to Libya, after his unannounced arrival at Mitiga base without informing or receiving permission from Libyan authorities or any Libyan official or security being present during his arrival. Many Libyas saw his actions are humiliating and against Libya’s sovereignty.



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