Abdul Razzaq al-Aradi Attempts to Falsify the Jihad of the Tribes Against the Ottomans – Al Marsad

A leading member of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood and member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Abdul Razzaq al-Aradi, said that the Libyan people in general did not fight the Turks. He said he believed the Ottoman Empire was a caliphate, and claimed that the leaders of the Senussi movement and the Libyan cities were very loyal to it and did not fight it.

(LIBYA, 17 June 2021) – Muslim Brotherhood’s member at the LPD Al-Aradi, in a tweet through Twitter, added: “Yes, there were some cases of rebellion because of taxes, but it was never considered jihad or one of pride, as was the case with the fight against the Italians.”

What al-Aradi described as “rebellion”, was nothing short of a revolution led by the sheikh of the Mahamid tribes, Guma al-Mahmudi, between 1835 and 1858 against Ottoman domination, their oppression of the Libyan people, and the imposition of high taxes.

Experts of the period confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Al-Aradi is attempting to falsify the history of the Libyan tribes and their jihad against the Ottoman occupation. According to historical records, the battles against the Ottomans lasted for about a quarter of a century.

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