Marian Wendt: German Intelligence Knows NGOs Are Cooperating with Libyan Human Traffickers – Al Marsad

Marian Wendt, the German representative of the Christian Democratic Union in the Bundestag, said that German intelligence is aware that NGOs that help refugees in the Mediterranean cooperate in various ways with Libyan human traffickers.

(LIBYA, 17 June 2021) – In an interview with the Italian Agenzia Nova, on Tuesday, Marian Wendt called for the authorities to disclose whether the activities of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Mediterranean are rescue operations or human trafficking. He stressed the need to stop NGOs, and that rescue operations should be within the responsibility of the state.

Wendt mentioned that the establishment of search and rescue areas was for this purpose, and stressed the need to strengthen the capabilities of the coast guards in Italy, Libya and Tunisia, as well as the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex). He argued this was important to allow for more effective management of the migration phenomenon.

The German MP said it must be made absolutely clear that government agencies are responsible for security the Mediterranean, especially since the danger lies in NGOs filling the void left by the government authorities authorized to take executive decisions alone.

Wendt noted that addressing the migration issue needs solutions within the framework of the European Council, by forming an alliance of member states willing to implement an agreement similar to the Malta Agreement. He stressed, however, that this should be done in certain circumstances, because it is important for Germany, similar to the possibility of re-work. The Dublin Agreement refused to resettle the migrants in Germany and return them to Italy, to which they had initially arrived.