Maitiq: Libyans Demand Strict Timetable for Foreign Forces and Mercenaries to Leave Libya – Al Marsad

Former Vice President of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maitiq said that there is intense international activity at the moment that may have implications for the Berlin II meeting.

(Libya, 19 June 2021) – Ahmed Maitiq, in a post on his Facebook page said that the Berlin II conference was oscillating between two possibilities. The first possibility was the completion of the roadmap and commitment to the outcomes of Geneva and Tunisia, and the respect of the international and Libyan parties for their commitments to bring the country to electoral maturity at the end of the year. The second possibility, but one which Libyans do not wish, is to establish unilateral diplomacy and the adherence of each international party to its position and pursuing its own interests and its alliances in Libya—thus endorsing a state failure, blockages, and alternative solutions that will only perpetuate the crisis.

Maitiq called on the Libyan actors who are eager for the unity, stability and sovereignty of their country to send a clear message before the Berlin II conference, that they refuse to let their country become a land free for all to play out their ambitions.

Maitiq stressed that Libyans do not want more temporary solutions, but rather are demanding a consensus in international diplomacy within a voluntary and strict approach on the necessity of implementing the roadmap, defining a strict timetable to free Libya from foreign forces and mercenaries, and completing the conditions for holding elections within their specified deadlines, so that Libya can return to the Libyans.