Italy Announces Humanitarian Corridor to Bring 500 Migrants from Libya – Al Marsad

Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has announced the signing of a protocol to bring 500 people from Libya to Italy, and urges Europe to hold “constructive dialogue” on migration.

(LIBYA, 20 June 2021) – A report published by Italian news agency Ansa, said Italy was to sign a protocol to bring 500 migrants from Libya to Italy. The move was announced by the Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese during a conference in Rome called “Governing Migration: The Best Practice of Humanitarian Corridors.”

The initiative will involve the UNHCR and Rome’s Community of Sant’Egidio and the Waldensians.

During the conference, Lamorgese said Europe needs a “constructive dialogue” because the problem of migration “cannot be handed over to arrival countries alone”.

“We have to make our reasons understood,” she said, speaking about Italy as well as other arrival countries such as Malta and Spain. “We have to explain what the difficulties are and what, in our opinion, doesn’t work,” she said.

Lamorgese said she hopes to see “the principle of solidarity and responsibility” at the next EU Council meeting which is set to focus on migration.

Regarding the dynamics in Italy, she said “rights and responsibilities go hand in hand,” and therefore work must be done not only to accommodate migrants but also to integrate them. “We have a working group for promoting the principles of integration and sharing.”