Dbaiba Withdraws Appointment of the Undersecretary for Ministry of Housing After Criminal Record is Revealed – Al Marsad

The Prime Minister of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) issued Resolution No. 152 of 2021 to withdraw Resolution No. 146 of 2021, in order to withdraw the appointment of Abdul Rahman Saleh Zayed as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing and Construction for Technical Affairs. 

(LIBYA, 21 June 2021) – Resolution No. 146 of 2021 stipulated in its first article, according to what the Libyan News Agency reported, to withdraw the designation from Abdul Rahman Saleh Zayed as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing and Construction for Technical Affairs.

The decision stressed in its second article that it should be implemented from the date of its issuance and the cancellation of every ruling that violates it, calling on all the authorities to implement it.

According to Al-Ain News, many Libyan social media pages and local websites published documents proving that Abdul Rahman Saleh Zayed “was sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia by the Cairo Court of Appeal in 2019, and was fined 500,000 pounds.”

The Cairo court had accused Abdul Rahman Saleh Zayed of establishing an organized criminal group for the purposes of human smuggling, together with Islam Mahmoud. The court said the two men had attracted people from various nationalities who wished to travel and obtained letters of recruitment and work contracts from Libya. They were able to obtain travel permits for displaced people from Egypt to Sudan and then they smuggled them to Libya, and from there to other countries European Union for financial benefit.

Hafez al-Senussi, the Libyan human rights defender, said that although the ruling was final because it was issued by the Appeals Chamber, it was issued in absentia because the accused failed to appear before the court

And he added, in a statement to Al-Ain News website on Saturday, that there is no legal objection to his appointment to this position unless the ruling is ratified by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the Libyan Embassy and is sent to the Prime Minister to warn against the appointment of such a person.

He pointed out that the ruling, even if it was dropped, would still mean that the Libyan government would face embarrassment over his appointment, especially given that senior positions—including that of Undersecretary—require that the appointed person be of good conduct standing and not be accused of any dishonorable charges. Dbaiba had no choice but to withdraw Zayed’s appointment.