El-Sisi Confirms to Mangoush Egypt’s Full Support for Presidential Council and Interim Government – Al Marsad

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi renewed his country’s full support for Libya’s Presidential Council and the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) to enable them to carry out their tasks during the transitional period.

(LIBYA, 21 June 2021) – President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s position came during the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) to Cairo. President El-Sisi stressed the necessity of continuing this support in order to restore Libya’s security and stability, leading to the holding of legislative and Presidential elections on 24 December this year.

According to Ambassador Bassam Radi, the official spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency, El-Sisi indicated that the elections represent an essential step on the path to a political settlement of the Libyan crisis by activating the free will of the Libyan people. He said Egypt supports Libya’s political path to stability on the grounds that its national security is an extension of the Egyptian national security.

Radi added that El-Sisi welcomed Foreign Minister Mangoush in Egypt, and expressed his country’s position on preserving the territorial integrity of Libya, preserving the capabilities of the Libyan people, and not interfering in Libya’s internal affairs. El-Sisi also stressed that restoring Libya’s sovereignty begins with the withdrawal of foreign forces.

The meeting was attended by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Head of General Intelligence, Major General Abbas Kamel, who was recently in Libya.

Foreign Minister al-Mangoush said that Libya is going through a sensitive and important stage with the formation of national unity government that represents all Libyans and with many opportunities ahead of them. She said: “We want to cease these opportunities in order to support peace and security in Libya because this creates a democratic space and fair and transparent elections.”

Al-Mangoush praised Egypt’s role in Libya and the positive stance taken by President El-Sisi towards the Libyan interim government.