AlMarsad Sources: Turkey Will Attempt to Stay in Libya With the Request of Libyan interim Authorities – Al Marsad

The Turkish leadership has been in contact with the interim government authorities in the capital, Tripoli, in efforts to prepare a briefing paper bearing Turkey’s visions for the Berlin II Conference on behalf of the Libyan government.

(LIBYA, 22 June 2021) – According  AlMarsad sources, the briefing paper submitted by the Turks stipulates that the Libyan government requests the international community in Berlin to exclude Turkish forces and its friendly force from having to withdraw from Libya. This is what Turkish Defence Minister Akar Hulusi’s delegation requested on the day of the storming of Mitiga, for their forces to remain after the election process, claiming that Libya needed Turkey’s help during this period.

Sources told AlMarsad that the briefing paper prepared by the Turkish government spoke of international pressures on Turkey and others to withdraw their mercenaries and forces from Libya. It argued that the Turkish side believes that there is no way for their forces to stay unless the Libyan government were to demand it, and also that it does not mind other foreign forces and mercenaries also remaining in return for continued Turkish military presence.

The sources indicated to AlMarsad that there is deep division within the interim Government of National Unity (GNU) and the Presidential Council over this paper, because it fuels the conflict and does not meet the desire of the Libyan people for all foreign forces and their mercenaries to leave Libyan soil without exception.