Italian Defense Denies Doubling Military Mission in Misrata; Confirms It Has Only 250 Italian Soldiers – Al Marsad

The Italian Defense Staff denied media reports that it had doubled the number of Italian soldiers present in Misrata. It stressed that this information was unfounded and confirms that it has only 250 Italian soldiers in Libya.

(LIBYA, 26 June 2021) – The Italian Defense Staff, in a statement published by the Italian Agenzia Nova, said that the number of Italian soldiers currently in Libya was 250 out of a total of 400 licensees, and there are no talks are currently taking place with the Libyan authorities on increasing the number of our mission personnel there, contrary to what was circulated by some unreliable sources.

General Staff indicated that “according to what was approved by the Council of Ministers on 17 June, 17 missions will be deployed in Africa within the framework of the Italian strategy aimed at giving greater attention to the south, especially three regions of the African continent that appear geographically far apart but interconnected with each other, namely the Gulf of Guinea in the southwest of the continent, the Horn of Africa in the southeast, and Libya in the far north on the shores of the Mediterranean, where peacekeeping is a priority in support of the United Nations stabilization initiative.