Al-Aradi: If Forum Does Not Agree On Constitutional Basis by Thursday, then LPDF Must Dissolve – Al Marsad

Member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) and leading Muslim Brotherhood figure, Abdul Razzaq al-Aradi, presented a proposal to the UN mission to dissolve the LPDF and choose an alternative mechanism if its members fail to achieve what is required of them.

(LIBYA, 30 June 2021) – The Islamist member of the LPDF, Abdul Razzaq al-Aradi made it clear in his speech during the forum in Geneva, that his proposal should be considered in the event that the members of the LPDF fail to agree on the constitutional basis necessary for holding the Presidential and Parliamentary elections by 1st July.

Al-Aradi stressed the need to deal with the Advisory Committee’s proposals on the constitutional basis for elections as a single and indivisible unit. He said he supported the proposals submitted by the Advisory Committee despite his reservations on the formulation of some items that should be reconsidered, which he said requires the LPDF members to seize the opportunity and agree on it to reach the elections.

Al-Aradi added: “If we leave the Forum without adopting a clear text of the constitutional rule, there will be no agreement and it will obstruct the elections, which necessitates the need for the constitutional rule to include everything necessary to conduct the elections without the need for the law; and if we do not reach an agreement by Thursday, I suggest the UN mission dissolves the committee and selects other members.”

Abdul Razzaq al-Aradi is notorious for his support for Islamist terrorists and also the Turkish army’s intervention in Libya. He also mourned the death of the terrorist Wissam Bin Hamid—the head of the Shura Council fo Benghazi Revolutionaries and aligned to ISIS, who was killed by the Libyan National Army (LNA) for leading a campaign of terror in Benghazi.

العرادي : بن حميد عقد بيعة قتال مع داعش ضد حفتر لكنه ليس إرهابياً


In his address to the LPDF Forum on 26 May, Kubis had warned that “[i]n the event that the LPDF does not agree on the constitutional basis, the House of Representatives Decision No. (05) of 2014 would be the applicable framework, said the Speaker.”

Yesterday, the UN envoy Ján Kubiš spoke to representatives of France, Germany, Italy, UK and US, and said they all agreed on the need to establish a consensual constitutional basis and hold elections on time on 24 December 2021. The statement read: “The international partners encouraged all relevant Libyan actors, in particular, the LPDF members gathered in Switzerland to make progress on their pledges to facilitate holding the national elections on 24 December by developing a consensual proposal on the constitutional basis for the election, upholding by this their commitment to the people of Libya to facilitate holding of the elections.”


The Islamist block at the LPDF is against direct Presidential elections. and attempting various tactics to delay the elections altogether, with its insistence on a referendum on the constitutional draft. Some of their leaders have even made pronouncements that they will not accept the December election results.

Various Libyan parties and movements and experts are demanding the UN Mission to urgently issue sanctions and punish those who seek to sabotage the December elections.



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