December 24 Movement: We Will Campaign for Civil Disobedience if Election Date is Delayed – Al Marsad

Given the adverse developments today at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Geneva, and the efforts by the Islamist and pro-GNU blocks to sabotage elections with their insistence on a referendum on the constitution and call for postponement of Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the December 24 Movement issued an urgent statement today warning of public protest and a campaign of civil disobedience if elections date is not met.

(LIBYA, 30 June 2021) – The December 24 Movement issued a strongly worded statement today against saboteurs of the December elections within the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

The statement began by acknowledging that “Libyans are eagerly waiting for the completion of the peaceful solution track to cast their votes in direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections to end the state of fragmentation and division in the country, and return to the democratization process”.

The statement said that given the events at the present LPDF deliberations in Geneva, that it was clear that “there were political and regional parties seeking to thwart the peaceful transition, as they established themselves as guardians of the will of the Libyans, and pressured towards derailing, postponing and disrupting the elections”

It added, that ‘there is even news on some social media platforms that the obstructing parties, in the LPDF Geneva meetings, are trying to collect signatures from some members to demand the postponement of the elections.”

The statement explained that given such efforts to disrupt the path of peace to end division and fragmentation of the country and derail an internationally-supported political solution that Libyans have accepted, that the December 24 Movement affirms the following 5 points:

1) “We reject attempts to circumvent and filibuster by proposing Presidential elections with a list system and a two-Chamber parliament, and we call for holding them in accordance with previous agreements, through the direct election of the President and a single Legislative Council representing all Libyans, and we affirm that holding the upcoming elections on its stipulated date of 24 December, 2021 cannot be delayed or postponed.”

2) “We hold the UNSMIL responsible for the failure to pass the constitutional rule, and we demand it to expand the circle of dialogue and participation and to publicly announce the names of the spoilers and obstructionists, as enemies of democracy and the Libyan people, immediately after the conclusion of the current session.”

3) “We call on all national political forces supporting the elections to agree on a constitutional rule, submit it to the Libyan House of Representatives and the international community, include it in the Constitutional Declaration, and bypass the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.”

4) “We reject any attempts to tutelage against the will of the Libyan people, and we demand to cast our votes in the ballot box on the scheduled date of the elections, and we reject any extension of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU)’s tenure, calling for designating the GNU as an impeder to the peaceful solution in Libya.”

5) “We affirm our right to peaceful protest and civil disobedience, in rejection of attempts to confiscate our political will and stifle our voices, and to safeguard the democratization path from endless malpractices of impoverishing the Libyan people and plundering state funds”



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