Aguila Saleh to Dendias: MOUs Signed by Sarraj with Turkey Are Illegal According to Libya’s Parliament – Al Marsad

At the meeting today between the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Aguila Saleh, who arrived in Athens yesterday, with the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, both made it clear that the maritime delimitation MOU signed between the former Sarraj government and Turkey was illegal. They also stressed that the holding of the December elections and the withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries was essential for Libya.

(LIBYA, 2 July 2021) – As reported earlier by AlMarsad, the Greek Foreign Minister received this morning the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, in the presence of the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Greek Parliament, Konstantinos Gioulekas, and the Special Envoy for Libya, Ambassador Christodoulos Lazaris.

Nikos Dendias to Aguila Saleh: Greece Supports Libya’s December Elections

Foreign Minister Dendias stressed during the meeting the importance of the December elections in Libya: “What is needed— and you represent it in the clearest way—is to allow the Libyan people to express their overriding will in the elections.”

“And in order for this to happen, all foreign forces and mercenaries must leave the territory of Libya,” said Dendias. He assured Saleh of Greece’s full commitment to help in this matter.

The speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Aguila Saleh, spoke on the GNA-Turkey maritime delimitation and security MOUs and said that “the former Presidential Council did not have the power to conclude any agreements or memoranda not ratified by the House of Representatives.”

“The House of Representatives overturned the ratification of such an agreement, declaring it invalid,” said Saleh.

He added that “we insist on protecting Libya’s sovereignty, land, sea, air, and we reject any action that seeks the security of the Mediterranean.

Saleh also said, “we strongly urge the removal of foreign forces and mercenaries and support the holding of elections on their due date,” and that the December elections were the only way out of the crisis in Libya.

On the importance of the Mediterranean as a safe route for trade, Saleh said that “the Greek and Libyan people can ensure peace” and stressed that “there is a huge difference between one who defends his homeland and the right to life, and the one who wishes to impose his hegemony on another country and seize the property of that country “.

Saleh said the ties between Libyan and Greece are timeless and emphasized that culture  that bind both nations are full of philosophy, universal values, close cultural ties.

He also said: “We undoubtedly value highly the good relations that bind us with Greece and we particularly value the decision to open and operate the Greek consulate in Benghazi, where it will be a link between Greeks and Libyans, especially for business and trade.”

“We need our Greek friends in the next period and especially in the period of reconstruction of Libya.” For the Greek-Libyan Friendship Parliamentary Group, he stressed the need to continue communication between the two countries.

At the end of the meeting, the Greek Foreign Minister Dendias presented Aguila Saleh with a gold wreath “in the hope that he will crown the victory of peace and stability in Libya”. Saleh presented Dendias with the emblem of the Libyan House of Representatives as a gift, noting that the House of Representatives was the only elected legislature in Libya.